What is the UIL?

UIL (University Interscholastic League) is a  statewide competition.   It is a system created by the University of Texas to provide fine arts, academic and athletic competitions for schools throughout the state.  The bands' performances are given ratings 1 (superior), 2 (excellent) 3 (good) 4 (fair) or 5 (poor).  Bands that receive a rating of 1 at the Regional level of the competition will move on to the Area level of competition, when it is a state marching band year.  The top 5 to 6 bands from the Area level competition qualify for the State level of the competition.  The ratings are NOT based on comparisons among the bands themselves but against a standard of excellence that has been established through the many years of this competition.  The system is set up so that bands have the opportunity to compete at the state level every other year.   Based on student enrollment, James Bowie Band is currently classified by the UIL as a 5A school.

What is the difference between Marching Contest and UIL competition?

Invitational competitions or contests are typically a one day event where bands pay a registration fee to compete.  Bands Directors receive helpful feedback to enhance the production.  After the judges rank the performances, bands and color Guards are usually rewarded with a trophy for their performance, if they place.  Whereas, UIL (University Interscholastic League) is a  statewide competition.  The state is divided into 33 geographical regions.

What is UIL Decorating Night?

Each year the parents make posters of their student’s band career as a morale booster the night before UIL. Parents gather in the Fine Arts hallway and decorate it and hang individual posters.  Band Directors arrange for the Fine Arts Hallway to be accessible to parents in the evening.  It is encouraged to take pictures throughout the year to use for the posters. 

What is Squad Comp?

The Friday night before school starts is a traditional two-part band event. The first portion is an exhibition but the band of what they have finished of their halftime show. This is the band’s first public performance and it is extremely helpful that it takes place in front of family and friends. The second portion of the event is called Squad Comp (competition). Each section creates and choreographs their own marching show to be judged by the drum majors. They do it for fun, experience and year-long bragging rights. This whole evening is family band event. Concessions and spirit items are usually sold.

What about inclement weather on scheduled events?

Decisions about performances in bad weather are made as the need arises.  Generally, the woodwinds do not play in the rain as it damages the instruments.  The Quartermaster will have ponchos to issue to the students during questionable weather. 

Are parents allowed to ride the bus with the band?

Yes! We try to have at least two chaperones per bus, when space permits.  It is required to have at least one chaperone ride the bus.  You must be an approved AISD volunteer to ride with the band. Click here to complete volunteer application.

Are parents allowed on the track at football games and competitions?

Only those pushing equipment and/or props are to be on the sidelines.  A badge must be worn at all times. 

What are the items most forgotten?

Black Socks, bobby pins, pony tail holders, head band (to keep hair up) and gloves.  (On occasion, instruments.) 

Can I volunteer?

Definitely, to volunteer is a unique opportunity for you to be directly involved in your student's high school experience.  You will meet the students and adults that surround your student and they will also see our participation as a strong support of their efforts.  There are many things that need to be done and no job is too small.  Click here to complete volunteer application.

How do I pay band fees?

Visit the Parent's Info Page on this website to be directly taken to Charms to pay your band fee.  At the beginning of the Marching Season, Uniform Checkout Event is where you may your all or a portion of your band fees. You also may pay the director directly by check or money order.

What is worn under the band uniform?

The bibs will be worn over band issued show shirts and athletic shorts only.  Leggings may be worn in the case of cold weather.  Please make sure students do not have visible lines from the shorts when wearing the bibs.  In the case of heat, the students will be allowed to remove their jackets while awaiting their performance wrap up.  However, they must remain in their bibs at all times.

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