Bowie Band Student Association Sponsors Volunteer Incentive Plan
Student Plan
  • For Every 10 (ten) hours worked at a Bowie Band SAS (car wash, color guard competition, jazz dinner dance, etc.), a student will receive $5 off their personal band banquet ticket.

  • For every $70 dollars sold for a Bowie Band SAS sales campaign (ex: Sonic Cards) a student will receive $5 off their personal band banquet ticket.

*** If a student does not show up for a scheduled shift (and does not provide a suitable replacement), the student will forfeit 4 (four) hours of volunteer credit.  If the student provides a replacement that does not show, they will still forfeit 4 (four) volunteer credit hours.

*** Students owing Band fees will be required to settle their account before purchasing banquet tickets. If not settled prior to the close of ticket sales they will forfeit any discounts earned toward banquet tickets. 

 Parent Plan
  • For every 10 (ten) volunteer hours worked, SAS members may receive $5 off one banquet ticket for their own personal use.   Items for which you may earn volunteer credit includes(ex:  car washes, garage sales, competition hostings, Jazz Dinner Dance, or any other Fundraisers/Band event requiring adult volunteers).

  • For every $70 dollars sold for a Bowie Band SAS sales campaign (ex: Sonic Cards, Raffle tickets, and Sponsorship, etc.) a member may earn $5 towards their own personal band banquet ticket.

  • A SAS member who drives the truck/trailer rig six or more times may receive 1 (one) free banquet ticket for personal use.

*** Volunteer hours will only be awarded to those who signed up prior to the event.  Signing in and out will be required to ensure the integrity of the Volunteer Incentive Program. 

*** Adults/students may earn a maximum of one free ticket per year for their own personal admittance to the band banquet (hours may be donated to a student in need upon prior approval of the Band Director). 

*** Adults/student volunteer hours and/or ticket discounts are transferable (but must be approved in advance by the Band Director). 

*** Adult/student volunteer hour discounts and sales discounts may be combined. is owned and operated by the Bowie Band Student Association Sponsors. Information on this site is not intended to represent, nor does it necessarily, reflect the opinions of the Arlington Independent School District.

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